Schedules of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is carried out in order to determine the condition of a property asset so that any existing defects are identified and recorded photographically and in writing, prior to commencement of building or construction works.

A Schedule of Condition may be drawn-up for a variety of purposes, including:

Prior to the commencement of building works which may damage neighbouring properties

Where proposed building works pose a risk of damage to neighbouring properties, a Schedule of Condition should be prepared to formally record the existing condition of the adjoining properties.


A Schedule of Condition produced in such situations would usually be agreed with the neighbours or their appointed consultants, as being an agreed statement of fact.

The agreed Schedule of Condition document is then available to both owners as a benchmark to substantiate or defend against any claims for damage caused by the works.


As an attachment to a Party Wall Award under the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996


The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 deals with building works to shared structures and excavations in close proximity to neighbouring buildings.


By definition, this poses a potential risk of damage being caused to the adjoining properties, and the appointed Party Wall Surveyors will record a Schedule of Condition of the adjoining properties for inclusion in the Party Wall Award documents, to protect both owners against claims for damage.


As an attachment to a Lease or Licence for Alterations, to limit future dilapidations liability


Where a tenant is entering into a new Lease or Licence for Alterations agreement, the inclusion of a Schedule of Condition will provide the tenant with protection against claims for damage from the Landlord, and may also help to mitigate the tenant’s potential future dilapidations liabilities at the end of the Lease term.


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