London Underground tunnel inspection

The history of the London Underground network dates back to 1863 when the world's first underground railway opened.


Today, the London Underground "Tube" network comprises 275 stations and over 250 miles of railway, serving three million passenger journeys made every day.


Over 190 miles of Tube tunnel have been dug under London since the 1880's, and with such en extensive array of below ground tunnels and structures, many large development schemes in London undoubtedly come within close proximity, and in some instances, direct conflict with these underground tunnels. 



How we can help

To assist clients in obtaining consent from London Underground Limited for basement, foundation and other excavations adjacent to the tunnels, we provide a specialist inspection service to record detailed written and photographic schedules of condition of the affected tunnels.


The pre-construction schedule of condition of the tunnels is in almost all situations a pre-requisite for obtaining consent from London Underground Limited, and the agreed document is then used as a basis for assessing whether any damage has occured following completion of the relevant development works.


We have an established track record and extensive experience in undertaking the tunnel inspections, and in producing the written documentation in the prescribed London Underground format for their agreement.


We hold all neccessary London Underground training and accreditation required to access the running tunnels and track side areas. We routinely liaise with London Underground, their consultants and contractors, and we have a good working relationship with the key decision making personnel.


Please contact us for more information and a free no obligation consultation.

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