Building reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes

Reinstatement cost assessments, previously referred to as Fire Insurance Valuations, provide an accurate assessment of the costs required to rebuild a property in the event of fire or other complete destruction.


When insuring the property, your insurance company will require a reinstatement cost assessment, upon which the insurance premium will be calculated. It is therefore important that the reinstatement cost stated on the policy documents is an accurate assessment of the cost, to avoid finding yourself underinsured in the event that the worst happens.


How we can help

We can prepare accurate Reinstatement Cost Asssessments for many types of property, from simple residential houses to office building, warehouses or factories. We can asess an individual property or your entire portfolio.


Our Reinstatement Cost Assessments are prepared using the industry standard BCIS Building Cost Information data, combined with our in house knowledge and industry experience.


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